Goldeneye has unearthed compelling new information, which may lead to evidence that leading Nazi, Chief of the Gestapo, SS-Gruppenführer Heinrich Müller, may not be buried in a Jewish Cemetery in Germany – as claimed by Johannes Tuchel, the head of the Memorial to the German Resistance. 

In a 2013 German newspaper article, Prof Johannes Tuchel, a German historian and author claims; 

“His body was interred in a mass grave in 1945 at the Jewish cemetery in Berlin-Mitte” 

Tuchel went on to state that his findings were backed up by files that he had found in various ‘archives’. Even though, in 1960, while undergoing interrogation, ‘Holocaust architect’ Adolf Eichmann told his Israeli captors, that the terrifying SS-Gruppenführer Heinrich Müller, was still very much alive in South America – where Eichmann had been covertly kidnapped off the streets of Buenos Aires, by a MOSSAD hit team.

The mystery surrounding the disappearance of Heinrich Müller in 1945, like the disappearance of Martin Bormann and other high-ranking Nazi’s, has never been solved. Müller the head of the brutal Nazi secret police from 1939, is said to have been directly involved in the orchestrating of the ”final solution”, along with Adolf Eichmann.

Tuchel’s theory discredits the findings made by Germany’s Federal Intelligence bureau (BND) and the US and British intelligence services, by saying;

“The intelligence agencies were completely wrong,”  ”Müller’s body was actually found in August 1945 by allied forces in a makeshift grave near the Third Reich’s Ministry of Aviation”.

But we believe that new leads and information recently uncovered here in Buenos Aires, could, in fact, prove Tuchel wrong – and we can add yet one more name to the ever growing list, of high-ranking Nazi officers that did make a successful escape to South America – facilitated by the Organisation der Ehemaligen SS-Angehörigen – ODESSA. 

After Tuchel published his 2013 conclusions on Müller’s supposed burial place, Dieter Graumann, The chairman of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, was said to have been ”outraged”. Graumann who referred to Müller as a ”technocrat of terror” went on to say;

“The fact that one of the most brutal Nazi sadists is buried in a Jewish cemetery of all places is a distasteful monstrosity,” “The memories of the victims are being grossly violated here.”

Prof. Tuchel partly based his findings on witness testimony and what Goldeneye believes to be circumstantial evidence;

“he was wearing a general’s uniform. On the inside, his service ID with a photo was in the left breast pocket, among other things.”

But it takes more than an interested witness, a German uniform, and an I.D. to ‘prove’ the death of a wanted war criminal, as we at Goldeneye well know. Hopefully, as the investigation proceeds, we will be able to put Dieter Graumann’s legitimate concerns to rest.